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last updated - 2020

Welcome to the official home page of the Nekkid Riders. Nekkid Riders is a social club with members ranging from cruisers to stunters, pro racers, track instructors and safety nazis...if you're on two wheels, you're part of the family.

Facebook has taken over the world, but you're welcome to join our forum and talk to yourself...and Vinny...who lurks in the rafters.

We have members in nearly every state as well as Germany, Australia, Korea, Japan, England and now serving South Africa!

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gear saves lives

The Nekkid Riders began in 2003 when a few buddies and I were leathering up for a ride one 106 degree day. We had toyed with the notion of starting our own little biker club. When I mentioned that we should forget the leathers and just strip down and ride naked, there were a few chuckles as they imagined cruising the city in the bare. Turns out a few of us had grown up on bikes and learned to stunt at a young age, when we took the plastics off our bikes, we would call it a "Naked Bike" which in turn led to us becoming the "Naked Riders". However, we wanted to be a little different. Turns out that in Kentucky, there are two similar terms with two different meanings. "Naked" means you have no clothes on, "Nekkid" means there's something freaky going on...and if you've seen some of our videos...ya gotta admit it's a little freaky sometimes.

If you'd like to join us for a ride, add me on If you like to race, I host a group called "Kentucky Trackday Heros". If you want info on general rides in the area look for Kenny Caudill's group "Motorcycle Friends of Central Kentucky". I also have an "Annual Deal's Gap" group where we plan trips to visit our local favorite and attempt to tame that dragon.

Ride Safe,

- Shannon


This website is for entertainment and informational purposes only. Nekkid Riders does not recommend/encourage stunting nor breaking the law. Any stunts seen on this site are performed by professionals on closed courses under the supervision of safety personnel and should not be attempted or recreated under any conditions. You solely assume all responsibility for damage or destruction to yourself, your property or the property of others.

If you wish to put yourself at risk by these behaviors, please do not do so on public roads, and by all means wear safety gear . . .

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